The white portion of the illustration shown below represents the maximum cutting area. You can mark the perforated sheet with a marker pen, spray or others to use it for positioning of construction and hand-written signboard. After adjusting the protrusion of the cutter blade, set the cutting conditions and conduct test cutting to check the cutting quality. HOLD If a sheet goes out of alignment while long data is being Data after the correction cut picture-drawn , you can temporarily hold the cut for of sheet displacement fixing the misalignment of the sheet. Sorting Sequence Change the cutting plotting order Sorting sequence Data transmission is started. Cut before the sheet misalignment is fixed.

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Test Cutting plotting Test cutting plotting Execute test cutting plotting to confirm the tool conditions.

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Page 3 Loading a sheet of media Lock nut Loosen the lock nut, and pull the Adjusting knob adjusting knob out of the holder. Enter text from picture: Status Message Minaki message The messages given below appear in the remote mode.

Remove the pen line rubber. Select this to cut the image printed on a sheet and to create the cut letters with the cutting sheet.

Foreword Be sure to read this Operation manual carefully, before starting to operate the plotter. With grams of pressure, the CG60S can cut even thickest materials without problems, but the most notable feature is the DyeCUT, which enables the operator to cut the vinyl as normal followed by a second cut with an offset to cut through the vinyl and backing paper.


If you find any problem, please contact your distributor.

Safety Precautions Pictorial signs Pictorial signs are used in this Operation manual for safe operation and for prevention of damage to the plotter.

Setting the tool conditions You must set the tool conditions adjusting to your use. Two-point Axis Alignment Functions in the Jog Mode Two-point axis alignment If a ruled sheet is set, align the horizontal and vertical axes with the Compensation point appropriate lines on the sheet. Check them for correct quantities and appearance. Loading a sheet of media Either a leaf sheet cut sheet or a roll sheet can be loaded on the plotter.

Send data from the host computer to the plotter. The image quality is not guaranteed because the pen tip position differs depending on the pen in use. Before taking a phenomenon as a trouble. This fg-60sl feature can then be used to cut around a printed image. SPB, a set of three cemented carbide blades that is optionally available.

MIMAKI CG-60SL Operation Manual

Cutting plotting You can start cutting plotting after completion of setting up a tool, loading a sheet and setting the cg-06sl conditions. Image quality may depend on the pen.

The main new functions of FineCut version 7: Kinds Description This is the mimaku conditions for using the cutter. Adjusting the protrusion of the cutter blade Adjust the cutter blade according to the types of the cutters and the sheet for use. Menu mode This plotter is provided with the following four modes: Setting the tool conditions Set the Tool Conditions.


After adjusting the protrusion of the cutter blade, set the cutting conditions and conduct test cutting to check the cutting quality.

Safety Labels Safety Labels A safety label is stuck on the plotter body.

Cutting cannot be continued, since roll End of the sheet is detected while sheet has ended. Functions in the Jog Mode Digitization operation The coordinates of the plotted figure relative to the origin are displayed on the host computer. Languages you fg-60sl select: OFF or 10 to 5,cm in 10cm increment Press the key for setting, and press the key. Loading a sheet of media Method of detecting a sheet When a cgg-60sl of media mmimaki set, the following two displays will appear alternately on the LCD panel.

Be the first to review this product! Select the higher or lower level of the clamp pressure that matches the sheet to be used. Other Useful Functions Output the Setting List You can keep this plotted sheet for your future reference or transmit this document by facsimile when you contact your local distributor for maintenance.