Logitech ignore Linux so do not provided any drivers or help. Jan 8, I had never used xboxdrv and had no idea if it would work for this. Nettacki View Profile View Posts. I installed kde-system-settings but can’t find these settings. I know, that my controller has a profile in SDL2.

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Make sure your joystick is inserted into a USB port.

My Joypad oogitech quite good supported in many Linux games, but Runner 2 doesn’t recognize it, i. Posted September 20, Discussions Rules and Guidelines.

Are you new to LinuxQuestions. I’m using xboxdrv with the xinput profile.

Getting a USB Logitech Rumblepad Working on Linux

The Logitech Rumblepad 2 on steam link doesn’t work in combination with Linux Mint There was nothing in the news abou it If you continue to use this site we will assume that you limux happy with that. LT pans the camera to the right. Make a note of what jstest calls each button and joystick.


I use Arch Linux 64bit. This is a bit of an “overkill” solution, rrumblepad of course it requires KDE and most Ubuntu users will not want this. Then in big picture the gamepad doesn’t work at all when Linux Mint The answers here are getting a bit old now, and users seem to be having issues again, so this is a current solution to configuring your joystick or gamepad on Ubuntu.

It is also worth making the terminal wide as they can be a lot of data bing displayed on one line.

For the newest versions please refer to this Answer by RolandiXor. Am I the only one who finds Unkle Dill terrifying?

jscal Logitech Rumblepad™ 2

Having a problem logging in? The schell script uses –device-by-id instead of –device-by-path but otherwise makes the same call to xboxdrv. Seth type joystick in the search box and input devices should be highlighted. While attempting to calibrate I get what seems to me as broken line in the code of jscal.

How do I configure a joystick or gamepad?

Getting a USB Logitech Rumblepad Working on Linux – Beware Here Be Musings

Nvm, found it ubuntuupdates. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Steam Link Store Page. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.


Where is it saved? I seem to recall installing via the synaptic package manager. When I start the Steam Link the gamepad works to select language and the host computer. It is impossible to map the run button to anything else on the controller.

Posted October 8, rumblepax Jan 8, This is a bit frustrating if the game recommends using a controller, but nothing happens when trying to actually use it I found a program called jscal is supposed to allow me to calibrate and test the controller.

Flyk 1, 3 16 I have same gamepad.