The main window provides 5 items for you to monitor and configure the Wireless 3-in-1 AP: User s Manual Version 1. This product is specifically designed. Information The main window provides 5 items for you to monitor and configure the Wireless 3-in-1 AP: Other brands and product. MIMO uses multiple transmitter and 3receiver antennas to allow for increased data throughput via spatial multiplexing and increased range by exploiting the spatial diversity, perhaps through coding schemes like Alamouti coding.

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Figure 5 3 www. Wireless clients can associate with the repeater to communicate with each client on your network.

Lanpro LP-1518 User Manual

Figure 1 3 As shown in Figure 2 connect the second AP in the following way: Manual Overview This manual guides you through the steps necessary for setting More information.

Connect one end of the Ethernet Cable to the Station Adapter and the other to the Ethernet —enabled device. The Smart Utility enables you to configure your 3-in-1 AP on the network more easily than ever before. Quick Installation Wizard will guide you step by step through the installation process, and configuration application Ralink Wireless Utility will enable fast establishing of wireless connection without any troubles. After installing the device, before software installation, the system will display the message Found new device.


It is highly recommended to configure the security options, as well as the change of the equipment password.

Install A Station 3.

Click the Apply button on the Security tab to make the setting take effect 4. The following installation was operated under Windows XP.

SSID – choose the network, which you want to connect to. Open System requires no authentication since it allows any device to join a network without performing any security check.

ETR drives superior performance and unparalleled wireless More information. Please read this manual before you install the.

Let you quickly network multiple PCs and notebooks without laying cables, and gives users the freedom to roam throughout the workplace and stay connected to corporate resources, e-mail and Internet access. Auto, Open System and Shared Key. Russian Federation none Only for indoor applications.

To gain access to a WEP network, you must know the key. Just simply install the 3-in-1 AP, lanprl it on, and it is now ready to work. It must be excluded from the range of the entity giving an address through DHCP.

A hub could connect with up to 8 Ethernet-devices. The adapter supports the WPS function, which enables to establish a connection by following a few simple steps WPS function should be turned on in the adapter software, and then press the WPS button on the transmitting device, e.


The type of encryption determines the key length. Displaying current status messages. After installing your device, locate the serial. This manual may not be copied. This will enable lanpgo to manage your 3-in-1 AP more easily if you have multiple 3-in-1 APs lp-15188 the network.

It must be different from the first LP address, but in the same segment.

Cuman free Wi-Fi map

Contains information about networks in the range network name, type of transmitter, transmitting channel, working mode, signal strength, encryption type. Figure 6 8 As shown in Figure lp-1158 Comments to this Manuals Your Name. All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed. You will see this number on the sticker of the 3-in-1 AP.