SQL Server is very slow with this protocol approx times slower than inetdae7. There are 3 causes: This can occur when: A Resultset can be closed with the following methods: If you do not set the charset then the driver will detect the codepage from the SQL Server. You can find out about this:. The following might cause the error:.

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Therefore, always use the same syntax for the name of both servers web server and Onet server. An updateable ResultSet was only create with executeQuery. Example for connection check:.

The driver sends all data as unicode and the server needs to convert it for every row.

With the SQL Server 7. In general if you use a database connection over a long time you should check it before you use it.

You can take a look into the SQL server log to receive more info about your problem.

How to use iNet Merlia JDBC database with AppDynamics

This means a unlimited fetch size. This is the major running time. A non signed applet can only connect to a web server, not to other servers.


This string is case sensitive. If you do not use a PreparedStatement with parameters then you need to mark your text as unicode with the N prefix.

i-net JDBC drivers

It contains a binary number 8 byte that is unique in the database. On creating the JDBC connection there is a handshake for the codepage. The driver now prints the messages to the file that you specified. If you use the single byte data int varchar, char or text there are problems.

The message text can vary with different Java VM’s com. And profilers do slow down Java components much more than native components. The writing connection started a transaction with: The default fetch size is 0. The SQL Server can only use an index if the parameter data type and the index data type are compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions about i-net JDBC drivers for Oracle Server

If you look in the file TdsConnection. You downloaded a test-version from our site. A Resultset can be closed with the following methods: The following might cause the error: You have called a Connection. A bug in some JDK 1.


You use this mode because you use the JDBC subprotocol inetdae or inetdea6. You tried to execute one of the following SQL statements: The classes are not in your classpath.

i-net JDBC Drivers for MS SQL Server

Java components slow down much more as native components with a disable JIT. The SQL server 7. Check the class path for old versions. This can be accomplished best with getCodeBase. The scrolling is very fast in this case.

The default data type mapping of the driver is equivalent to the JDBC specification: