Browsing All Articles Articles. So I did some research and built my own. Kenneth, thanks for both articles on the Flex mappings. The views expressed anywhere on this site are strictly mine and not the opinions and views of VMware. For FCoE, a similar configuration is available.

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Using Multiple VLANs with HP Virtual Connect Flex-10

Claim or contact us about this channel. VC allows the effective configuration to happen in two places. Nice article, do have a question though. The performance is terible, reads flesnic all over the place between 20MBs to MBs and traffice is really scatty.

HP Virtual Connect LOM port mapping | virtualwhat

I heard someone yesterday mention a weird issue with USB3 being enabled causing some issue with s as well, so just for grins, turn that off in F9 under USB Options as well. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

But I am new to this device and am wondering E-Mail will not be published required. Play Party AWS re: I agree with Ethhernet. BladeSystem Virtual Connect topics etjernet If you are looking for the Flex mappings click here. Basically the vmnics are conneccted to these Downlinks which are hardwired and thus are static towards the blade. We have been sharing network profiles accross any blades in the enclosures and all blades run ESXi 5.


BladeSystem Virtual Connect topics

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. We have a single VC domain and 2x CX-4 stacking links joining both enclosures. I have a query. What i would like to know is that if i can stack all VC to each other with 10G CX port than my server will be listed in Bay5 and Bay6 or not because as per chassis document embeded NIC’s ports are always hard mapped to Bay1, and Bay2 modules.

Then select each interconnect module, one at a time and inspect the uplinks and downlinks to confirm there are no remaining profile or network dependencies. Really need to get this one resolved as it’c becoming a big issue performance eethernet. Flex Ethernet modules VC-Domain login issue.

lim I tried to ping to it’s ip and was unreachable. Both are subjects I know allot about. I have remove the ports from the Trunking, that was standby on the enclosure that I wish to remove.

BladeSystem Virtual Connect topics

There were a couple of responses, and one specifically letting Stefan know that unfortunately, the task would not be possible without downtime, and why:. User Name and Password are case sensitive. VMWare etjernet sent me some useless document, and i am about to deploy another blades. It has ESXi 5. Can you suggest me the steps? If it is ok to disable, please let me know how to implement, thanks!


James had a VC config question from a customer: Under Windows 7 and 8. The Day 3 Buzz. Time limit is exhausted. If you for instance want to use a 10Gb vmnic within ESXi it makes lpm that no other functions can be added since we only got 10Gb in total to divide. Contact us about this article.

I can’t log in to the vc-manager via the link in the OA, because I keep getting the message: