There is also a trip computer that provides some metrics about your journeys. It is easy to use all you need to do is select the area of your choice and then click on a button to transfer it to the GeoSat2. This is the first time I have seen full country maps of Greece in any navigation product. For further information please visit our website www. Changes the displayed page Map, Trip Computer, track directions. If you hesitate whilst looking for the location of the next character then the cursor jumps to the “enter” command. On the later version of software there are travel Vias.

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These did not appear to have the new M6 Toll road on them, and there is some coverage of Southern Ireland, though it is not full coverage. For your own safety and to properly use Geosat Do not place Geosat where it can interfere with the vehicle operating controls and safety devices i.

To install any of the additional maps from the CD you first need to install the USB driver and map application. Before using it please read carefully the user manual to know all its features and to be able to enjoy it better. I suppose this is a problem in translation from Italian. The mapping data is somewhat out of date and will cause some issues with the M6 toll road not being included.


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These can be entered by selecting a new “Advanced” option in the Route Planning section. Of course a signal is required to display it. Open the menu and choose the exact model of your Device; you will enter in the page whith the Geosat Upload file.

As mentioned above one geoosat the target markets for this navigation is the RV or Camper users. To work well it must be fixed on the dashboard with one of the brackets given in the box. Other Features There are lots of other features and options. This is a “feature” of the UK spec cars.

The next turn screen presents you with a large graphic indicating what you need to do at the next junction. Setting the destination Having entered the address you are looking for you now need set it as the destination. For people who are used to the touch screen of a PDA the interface will seem to be a little awkward at first, but you will get used to it.

The optimal format is: When running in passenger mode there ar 3 possible screens that can be displayed: Verify that the last 2 numbers on the lable of your card are at least. In particular the software tries to be helpful and predict the name you are trying to type.


These can then be installed over the currently installed maps.

I have similar usability issues with other GPS devices with just buttons for input. Product Funcionalities Troubleshooting Updates. This can be removed and inserted into a card reader on your PC. Well the GeoSat2 comes with 3 different ways to find things: I got around this by buying a v to 12v cigarette lighter adapter, so now I can use it in the comfort of my lounge, much to the annoyance of my wife.

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On the bottom of the unit is a mini USB connector. You have some control over the routing decisions for shorter distance or faster geowat. Either way what it does mean is that you can easily see the screen no matter how far you are away from it.

Read on to find out This is achieved using 2 different screens: Page of 17 Go. Pages Diagram User Manual The GPS antenna not receiving satellite signals.

TAB file, delete it 4. This manual also for: